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A fangirl screech:

THE FIRST SINGLE FROM PARAMORE ALBUM 5 HAS BEEN DROPPED. I am so shook. I absolutely love the visuals in the MV for Hard Times. Honestly, the sound has changed a lot, but I was expecting that, because I knew that Paramore was probably not going to return to making angsty emo tracks. They’re kind of old now, and no one makes better emo music than actual teenagers. So while I still kind of miss the days they made emo music, I’m also super proud of them. Their MV was trending! And! It got like seven million views in 24 hours! I’m so proud!! I can’t WAIT until the album is dropped on May 12th. It’s going to be released just after my AP tests, and right before my field trip to Six Flags. Ah, I can see the light at the end of the tunnel that is AP tests, even with finals looming at the end of May.


Also. I’m working v hard on a team program in computer programming class. It’s really awkward working with two other people, because it’s hard to keep track of what they’re thinking about when they write their parts of the program. But I really like both of them (I sound stupid, but the junior is super super cute in that really quiet, stable, nice, and nerdy way and also he smells really good, and I know that sounds creepy but IT’S TRUE OKAY) and I’m sure (?) we’ll figure it all out. Hopefully. *Fingers crossed* I have the bulk of the program in a Google Doc that we share, but it’s kind of terrible because it’s so confusing, with so many different trains of thought crossed out and added, and comments and things everywhere. Hopefully it’ll make more sense once we put it all together and it’s complete. Pray for your girl Pretty, as well as her two team members!


One last thing. My friend JW has asked if I would like to join the new engineering club that he and his friends are setting up next year. I don’t know. I wanted to join Robotics, but both he and his friends told me I shouldn’t. In JW’s words, Robotics is a sinking ship. He has personal beef with the newly-elected president, though, so I don’t know…? I also kind of want to join the accounting part of BPA because I’m pretty good at accounting so why not?? But that’s for future me to decide.


Oh! and on Saturday I have to go volunteering. It’s not that I don’t want to, but just thinking about it makes me sort of tired. Oh well. I guess it’ll be just like another school day, but actually fun and productive.

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