Day 420 – Psychology and ton of actors

Thursday, April 20th 2017

420 blaze it.

Sorry, couldn’t help myself when a meme is involved.

Alright, more seriously, haha, I had a good day.

I started with art. I studied for my psychology test. My teacher came up to me and said “Very artistic, (my name).” I laughed and she told me as long as it is related to school, she’s fine with whatever.

I had English and we had our group discussion for Lord of the Flies. They didn’t seem to like the book. I can understand, but I thought the ending was great. Anyway, we started a bit of the movie (the 1990 one), and it’s nothing like the book at all, just like my close friend warned me. There’s also a lot of swearing coming from those 12~ year old boys o_o Then again, a lot of people in 7th grade were swearing anyway, so no surprise there.

At lunch I studied more psychology. Kohai came along and told me what questions she had on her test, since we’re both in a psychology class with the same teacher, and he changes the 3 questions (you pick one) for each test, so the two/three(?) classes don’t get to share their answers. I was hoping for the question “What is psychology, why is it important, does it help us understand others?”, but apparently she had it on hers, so I knew I wouldn’t get the easy question where I could write about anything and everything. I went there nervously, not knowing whether I will get a good question, then I got the test, and lo and behold, it’s there! A huge rush of relief came over me and I went from really nervous and worried to really happy and focused. We read his little paragraphs where he puts a story about how we’re writing an article for a teacher (then he makes fun of him, but they’re good friends so it’s fine), to ease us up a bit. I like that he does that, makes you relax a little. Anyway, I gave the definition of psychology, said it was important so that you know the difference between lies and truth (true psychology and popular psychology, and critical thinking), to know how to live life to the fullest (talked about Maslow’s pyramid, was gonna write the 3 determinants for well being, but forgot the third) and understand the behaviours of others (talked about Patterson, resilience and Urie Brofenbrenner’s chronosystem). I think I did well.

I finished with French. We corrected, I talked with Kohai and then I did nothing. I was so exhausted from emptying my mind on the test that it felt like it didn’t want to accept any other information, so I didn’t study for my French test. I’ll do it at lunch instead. It’s mostly just having read the book, understand it, make links and also know stylistic devices.

At home I moderated the server a tiny bit, edited my shop, worked on my website, ate, finished up my website, caught a little typo in my paper (wrote threat instead of thread, so it said along the lines of “Looks like (username of a friend) ended the threat on a good conclusion”), uploaded it to, played a couple rounds of Rocket League, then watched an episode of Doctor Who. My parents told me that we can only go to one Comic Con and I’m so torn. There’s gonna be Peter Capaldi, Jenna Coleman, actor who plays Donna or Amy (my mom said red head, though chances are it’s Amy, because she’s usually there), who will all three be doing a Q&A, but then Montreal has David Tennant, my favourite actor of all time and the first celebrity I ever cared about, because of Doctor Who. I don’t know! Argh, I don’t know. Should I see 3 good actors that I enjoy, or my favourite at Montreal… Wait, I think John Barrowman is at Ottawa… AND ROBIN TAYLOR, ANDΒ RIVER SONG. AND NEVILLE. AGHHH I DONT KNOW! I really really really wanna see David Tennant, but there’s so many good actors at Ottawa… *Sigh* I think I’m gonna have to plead with my parents to make it my birthday gift to go to both. If not, and I can get all the autographs or pictures with the actors at Ottawa, I’ll do that one… There’s too many to pass up.

That’s all for today.

3 thoughts on “Day 420 – Psychology and ton of actors”

  1. OMG I would literally self-combust if I had to face a decision like that. I really really hope your parents will let you go to both!! But even if you can’t, either one you go to, you’ll meet great actors πŸ™‚
    All the best wishes for you!

  2. Hi Obs! I loved Lord of the Flies. It’s hard-hitting, but so well written. Do you write too?
    I would love for you to read my story but it is 31 pages single spaced!

  3. @PrettyInBlack I’m self combusting right now! Haha. And thanks!

    @SavedByGrace I agree! And I love to write. I mostly do it as a hobby and for myself, however, I’d like to publish a fictional book one day. And doesn’t matter if your story is long or short, I’ll read it! πŸ˜€

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