Perhaps I’m just jaded
This chaotic reality always gets to me
a lifetime war between worlds
where all pacifists long to break free
Maybe I need something new
a possibility, something true
What if it happens to be you?
That thought alone scares me too
Throughout this loud, crazy world
I find myself passing by your door
silently praying for the impossible
God, I feel like a stalker
I’m not pretending to be humble
but I really am an ordinary girl
I know you do notice me,
but will love ever be?
Perhaps I’m just jaded
and this is my temporary madness
No worries,
I’m still too tough and stubborn
to appear desperate
so I’m keeping my cool,
despite feeling restless…
…because I’m not ready
for another crash and burn…
…still, will I ever get to know you more?
Yours truly,
R – that shy girl who enjoys your poetry

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