New Paths Ahead?

My intentions of writing daily have not come to fruition, but since I do this solely for myself I can live with the consequences. 

Work has been hell lately. It isn’t worth it. Yes I like the money, but I didn’t agree to completely change my schedule half way through every week. I know life happens, but my boss expects way too damn much. I am not a doctor. I am not a lawyer. I run a freaking kitchen and there for being on call is absurd. I have made it very clear to Big Boss that with Snooch’s issues she needs adult supervision 100% of the time and since my husband works 12 hours a day, 6 days a week, and makes some really good money –  if I can’t find a sitter, I can’t go in. There for being “on call” doesn’t fly since there is only two people in this entire state that I know and trust to watch Snooch. Big Boss varies between a control freak and a feeble minded doddering old man. A big result of his incompetence is that staff quits – constantly and Big Boss rarely hires people. It is a joke. I should go through my previous entries and count the number of times that I have mentioned a desire to quit. 

What I want to do for income varies. I really want to go back to school and be a paramedic or an ENT. I am great in a crisis. When chaos surrounds me, I work better. I would love the opportunity to help people when they need it, like really need it. Plus for that type of job it is really important to stay physically fit. There is the perfect motivation to keep up with my diet and exercise regiment.

The other thing I want to do (which I do not expect to pan out) is to write more. I’d like to write R.L. Stine type paranormal themed stuff. My huge interest in this stems from a love of writing, creating, and of course growing up in a very creepy 150+ year old house. Even if I never get a single novel finished, I think that it would be cool to have a collection of books that I, myself have written. It doesn’t matter to me if a single soul never reads them.

I suppose that is all I have to say tonight. Oh… I saw Ryan today. He’s this naive guy that use to work in the kitchen with me. I always got the vibe that he was crushing on me. I had to politely brush him off numerous time. Kid has his head in the clouds and needs to realize I’m older, married, and whatever idea he had, was never going to happen. Anyways during our conversation today he asked me about Toothless. I am sort of shocked he remembered. I told him that she was terminal  (which he knew) and that the time did come when we had to have her put down. To make myself feel better I showed him a picture of Rascal. Ryan is jobless again and looking around. I wonder if he is going to suck up to Big Boss and get his job back. Who knows?!?! I know we need crew, but I don’t want to have to deal with Ryan and his bizarre crush. He’s gotta know I am faithful to The Man 100%.


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