I’m not trying to be modest here (because I already am, ha-ha. Nah, kidding. I try to be, though.) Still, let me be the first to say this:
Not all my writing stuff are good.
I love writing. Sometimes, it feels more like an addiction I refuse to cure. There are always thoughts in my head, feelings in my heart – just like everybody else.
I sometimes need to get them all out. That’s why for me, writing feels much better than talking.
How do I get ideas to write every day? Many things, from personal experiences to stories of others. But why do I write more dark stuff?
I’m not a blind optimist. I mean, I still know how to be happy and grateful with life, thankfully. That doesn’t mean I deflect reality. After all, this life ain’t no fairy tale. There’s a whole lot of ugliness out there and around us that I just can’t – and won’t – ignore.
Just because bad things don’t happen to you, it doesn’t mean they’re not there for you to see.
I try to avoid using real names if it’s based on a true story. Even if I have to, I change them or give them nicknames. It’s not always successful, though. I’ve broken a special friendship once. It’s a good thing the person’s already forgiven me.
These days, I prefer solutions. Offering solutions to problems sounds much better than just complaining about them, even if they happen to be part of the problem. (By the way, I am only human too and can also be part of a problem.) Too many people are already doing that on social media, even without mentioning names.
I’m not afraid to post my writing, even when I think it’s not always good. Why? I believe that there’s always a room for improvement. It should be a conscience to remain humble. From there, you still have that will to learn.

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