Oh How Things Work

 So, that girl dillema I was experiencing last time has come to a halt. We talked through some feelings, and it turns out that she wasn’t interested in dating. The end result kind of hurt, but in the process, I became reaquainted with my best friend and who I consider my family, after having a sort of falling out. You know what they say: One door closes, another opens. We stayed up all night on Facebook catching up, and she showed me some kick-ass new tunes. Anyway, I’m going to crash, and maybe update this entry when I get up. Remember everyone, just because things don’t work out right away, doesn’t mean they will never work out. 

One thought on “Oh How Things Work”

  1. It’s a bit disappointing that she’s not interested in dating, but like you said, it’s still great that you two can be friends again!

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