Stressed Out!

Hey, everyone so these past days have been so busy for me. I been doing a lot of stuff and lately I feel so out of it and so busy with crap and its just getting to much for me to handle. So my parents are separated have been separated for about 2 months now and I mean I’m getting the hang of then not being together but its still weird for me. and plus my mom is sick she has something in her stomach that gets her sick and lately she’s been like in bed this past week and I’ve been taking on the mom role basically doing everything while on top of that I have homework and school and I have work and then coming home to cook and clean like its just to much for me. I mean I understand people do this on a regular but I’m just burly getting a feel for this. and let alone I’m just trying to work because I’m behind in a lot of my bills and since my dad isn’t helping my mom I have to help her and I’m just trying to work and find time because I’m behind on my parents and I have to catch up then help my mom so  mean anything help right now like f*** I wish I just had my college degree and be done with school \and have a job already I’m just auhhhhh frustrated with life and where is there time for me like never so I’m just trying to juggle the balls here so you really haven’t been missing out on nothing lately but that’s where I’m at. hope everyone is doing better then I am.

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