My little brother (not so little anymore) is currently visiting me in Boston. I’m so happy, I can’t believe how much I missed him. It wasn’t until I picked him up at the airport that I realized how long it had been since I last saw him, or how much my heart truly missed him. He’s only visiting for 1 week, and I don’t want him to leave. But he’s studying for his finals, its his “senior year”, so he will be flying back home to Sweden on Monday.

              [he’s so old now 🙁 …why? FYI us Swedes smile like this, were not angry lol]

I haven’t spoken to my parents since I decided to end all contact with them, but my brother tells me that they’re both doing fine. My older brother, Kristian, is also married now and he’s moved to Gothenburg. I do speak to him somewhat, though not a lot; there’s a lot of hurt between my brother (Kristian) and me because of my mother. 

I’ve been playing tourist with my little brother in Boston all week, and then he went to NYC with Ramsay for a weekend trip. I didn’t feel like traveling because my ankle is bruised and swollen (I suffered a bathtub slip). So far it seems like he’s been having a really good time, and that makes me happy. I bought him a lot of MIT gear; shirts, sweaters, caps, etc. because he’s going to study there in the fall. I’m so proud of him, he’s a very smart kid and very sweet natured. 

The past 4 weeks have been an emotional rollercoaster. But I am also grateful that my husband and I have grown so much closer after this sad experience. And I am also forced to be thankful for all the good little things in life that I am blessed with. I’m writing his entry from my wraparound balcony and the views are perfect for journaling. Now all I need is a hot cup of coffee.

Back Bay and facing the Charles River. 

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