Entry #1: Appreciation

to: my adored one

1 year and 6 months passed when I first talked to you and greet you a happy birthday. It has been a year since I’ve fought my nervousness because I’m afraid you’ll ignore me.

But you did not. And I’m thankful for that.

You ask me once, “What gift could be, most likely appreciated by others?” 

I replied, “is it for a girl?” You said yes.

So I asked myself, what gift would I appreciate?

I said handwritten letters. Letters containing the reasons why you like her. The small things that’ll make her happy. She’ll love it. 

You said you’re not good with dramas. You joked. I laughed.

After a few days, you messaged me again and said it didn’t work.

I want to say that she’s stupid because she wasted your efforts.

But you said it’s just a joke, that you are not trying to make a letter.

I have lots of fun talking to you. You’re crazy. I like you since then.

If I were asked today, if what gift would I appreciate, I would still answer handwritten letters.

But I would appreciate and love it more if that letter came from you. 

If I were asked whom I like, I would lie. 

I won’t let nobody see me wishing you are mine.

When I first saw you, I liked you already.

Until now, I admit.I still fucking like you.

But you like somebody else..

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  1. Well, thank you very much! It feels good that someone loved and complimented it. Thanks! 🙂

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