I’m Not From Earth. Are you?

4/21/2017 9:09pm
Has anyone ever felt like their life was past their expiration date?
Bc I’ve felt that way for years.
Why am I still alive?
I don’t know what I meant to do anymore. I think I was meant to die years ago and something happened…I’m not meant to do anything special with my life. And that makes it even worse. Am I meant to be nothing for the rest of my life?
I don’t belong here. Why am I on this Earth? I wasn’t born here. Not really.
I have…I have things to disprove my coming from earth. So that’s why I don’t relate to other humans…bc I’m not a human.
I recognize human’s need for spirituality and sexuality…but what about companionably?

I’m not from Earth.

I’m not from anywhere.

I’m that person who helps you through your hard times. What happens to the person who helps you? Who cares? They’re the hero…the helper…they have no issues…if they only knew…
Like usual, I had to listen to a family member…a kin…talk about how fucked up I am…
Really, I just don’t give a fuck, anymore.
Could I end this cycle, please? I’m done with it.

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