Journal Entry #33 (Discovery Channel)

It’s 4 AM and it sounds like my dad’s been screwing his girlfriend (at least that’s what I think she is to him) for about an hour straight now and counting -_-

This has been happening for the past week now. I have no problems with the act itself, just the fact that it’s being done in the living quarters that me and brothers reside in, with no regards/respect for us (or our ears lmao). I mean, I know we’re kinda “blocking” him by being at his house all the time but geez….

Me and my brothers tried standing outside the house and waiting it out, but it was really cold and kinda creepy out there so we just bit the bullet and came back inside. Right now I’m currently listening to rock music at a high volume to try to block the noises out and it took a while but it’s actually working now. My youngest brother put on some music on our Roku TV as background noise so that’s good too.

Anyway, I’ve missed you all xD Sorry I’ve been gone for a long while. I just didn’t have anything to write about. Until now at least XD I know it’s probably weird that I disappear for a bit and then come out of nowhere with an entry about my dad and his friend “making music” but hey, I don’t choose what to write about. Life makes that choice for me.

If people actually care about my life then I’ll post about it more often, I guess (this is a lie; I’m too lazy to post often >:) ). But for now I’ll just do as I normally do and only post when interesting or negative things happen to me.

How are you all doing? Feel free to leave a comment below and I’ll do my best to respond to them 🙂 Until next time, true believers! Excelsior!!!

3 thoughts on “Journal Entry #33 (Discovery Channel)”

  1. Hi there, I just want to say that you seem like a really nice person. I love reading your entries. We should talk sometime, if you want.

  2. @sp00kytoenail_ Thank you so much! I’ve read all of your entries and loved them too. Of course we can talk! 🙂

  3. @Missy Okay, cool! We could talk on Kik if you’d like. My username is sp00kytoenail.

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