Stubby’s Collar

I have been through a lot, more specifically 17 battles. I have been through gas attacks, smuggled onto boats and into camps, been through no man’s land, and in hospitals, but I have never put my “feet” on the ground. I have been carried throughout my adventures and have only one person to thank, my best buddy named Stubby. I was originally not with Stubby, but when J. Robert Conroy found him, and thus began our journey together. I was wrapped around his neck in the coal bin and we were ready to go. Our first encounter with the commanding officer started off not too good, but then Stubby impressed him by saluting. Stubby sure is great at impressing people, because we were let off the hook! I remember when Stubby was put into the hospital because of gas, I had to be separated from him. I got to see him after he got better, so we visited everyone that was injured in the hospital. We tried to make them feel at home (or at least tried to make them feel better). After the hospital, Stubby was sensitive to smell. He would complain to me about how the humans were so silly because they couldn’t smell the gas coming their way! Stubby had to run around, biting the soldiers to warn them. He got many awards for doing small tasks like that, but one time we took a medal from a German soldier. We were walking around, looking for intruders, but then we saw a German spy hiding in the bush. I think that he was holding a map of some sort when he saw us. He started to talk to us, but we heard German instead of English. Stubby took charge and attacked him. Our owners removed the iron cross from him and pinned it to Stubby. That was when we became sergeants, and we are finally back in America, being celebrated. It was a wonderful journey for the both of us, we got to be friends to humans, plus he gets three bones a day!

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