257.2 – Going down

It looks like I’m in the midst of a small whoosh! I’ve been giving myself time to let my muscles heal from the strength training, but as of this morning I have no soreness, so it’s back into the 5-minute grind I will likely have a gain or retention again once I start strength training again, and that’s OK.

My eating is still raging on- I’m eating like a football player! For example, on Friday, I had 3 eggs, a side of bacon, a side of sausage, avocado, AND coffee. And on top of it all I was hungry for lunch! So I had grilled chicken breasts with mayonnaise and mustard, then for dinner I had a 6 oz steak and broccoli with cheese. I went to bed feeling sated, not stuffed, and I was the exact same weight when I woke up on Saturday morning. The human body amazes me.

This morning I am going on a long walk with Dad, and when I come home it’s Konmari magic time! I read “The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up” (boring-sounding, I know, but bear with me here) and it sounds like my cup of tea. Every time I do a purge of stuff in my house, I feel awesome. Lighter. We have way too much stuff anyway, which feeds into the accumulation of more stuff, which is Craving at its worst. We don’t need half of what we own (no exaggeration there) and it’s time to release this stuff into its next life. At least two donation trips today, methinks.

B: Warrior Coffee
L: ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
D: Steaks with Béarnaise, broccoli

Have an awesome OP day, all

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