At the moment I’m laying in bed, watching german-dubbed Bones on a mini TV. I share the room with two girls. One of them is alright but supposedly moans in her sleep, the other one is a judgmental emo stuck in 2008. I have visited Sephora where I bought a lip balm. I have also spent 5.40€ on a pack of Camels. I am, indeed, retarded. I have also been to bloody Starbucks because the girls who I’m sticking with on this trip (and who I share rooms with) wanted to go. I had plain mint tea. Large. We had dinner at 7. I had some kind of meat (perhaps hare) in mushroom sauce, sauer kraut (which was fucking sweet) and two kinds of cake (described by William as, “Like…One out of ten, my guy. It was so damn dry. Like, I almost chocked on it, my guy. One out of ten…”). The way he talks fascinates me and scares me at the same time. Though, you need to have some respect for a person with enough confidence to talk like that and dress like that. He wore cameo shorts with knee-high socks (the kind that footballers wear). After dinner, I had a smoke and intended to stay in the lobby but it was packed with people who had just arrived and my stomach was acting up. Brushed my teeth, washed my makeup off, took a shower.

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