4/19/2017 – part 1

I hope that it’s clear that I couldn’t write regularly on my trip, so let me tell you “briefly” what all has happened.

What I have concluded is that my trip was basically a search for the worst coffee there is. Diary, I didn’t have a proper cup of coffee on the trip. Not one. The first cup I had was at McDonald’s. I knew that it was going to be horrid, but I was desperate. The second cup I had was on day two which I’m about to tell you all about.

I woke up early and had breakfast. We headed to the city centre at 9 o’ clock. There, we went to see the St. Vitus’s Cathedral and the Old Royal Palace. It was freezing cold the whole time. After approximately 2 hours of sightseeing we had lunch at this cozy restaurant. It was potatoes with gravy and pork steak. Dessert was the best honey-and-walnut cake I have ever had. Let’s speed the storytelling up a bit. . . So we went to this shopping centre where Maggie, Layla (the girls who I was with the whole time) and I were joined by Violet and her slow friend Joanne. I bought a necklace (H&M) and almost bought a bath bomb at Lush. I asked the info-lady if there were any grocery shops in the shopping centre. She told us about a shop called Albert on floor -2. So Violet is constantly asking me where we’re going next and whether we’re taking the escalator or not. She kept saying, “Please, don’t go down by the escalator. Oh, my God. We aren’t going downstairs, are we? Huh?”. We had to take the escalator, of course. She and Joanne got there 2 minutes after we did. Of course she had to call me to see where I was. Finally, we visited Albert. I bought a popsicle, a jar of red currant jam for Grandma, and two candy bars of some Czech brand for Mum and Dad.

I wanted to take a seat at some café and have a cup of coffee with cream or milk somewhere and so did Violet (she just wanted to sit somewhere, at cafés she orders only sparkling water). For some reason we couldn’t do that, so Violet went to the pharmacy, Joanne waited outside for her (approx. 3 metres away from the video game shop) and Maggie and Layla went to browse video games. I went to Tchibo. This is where we get to our winner. I ordered some kind of coffee with cream (who the fuck remembers, it might have been a café americano), paid and returned to where the girls were. The coffee tasted terrible. I felt offended by how awful it was. But it sure did live up to its title as The Worst Coffee There Is.

We took probably three sets of escalators to the top floor. There Maggie and Layla got one of those bubble teas. I tried some and was, again, disappointed. The tea itself was all right, but when the first bubble popped and squirted pineapple juice all over my precious oral cavity, I went back to feeling offended. I told Maggie that it was: “Really good.”

To be continued.

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