4/19/2017 – pt. 3

At around 2, Maggie was dancing with Joanne. Soon, she rushed off the dace floor. She came back two minutes later. I asked her what’s up. “I just cried. I have never seen Joanne this happy. She was really enjoying herself.”

I had thought that Wannabe would have been the death of my vocal chords, but I was wrong. Outkast’s Hey Ya buried them to the ground. We went to get our jackets around a quarter to 3.

We waited in the lobby to leave for literally ever. The centre of attention was William, with bruises on his face, no being able to walk, drunk to the point where he couldn’t even say a few words (and the bloke is a talker). Violet asked me what I had had to drink. I said a mojito. She made a grimace, “Ugh. Mojitos. My boyfriend hates those.” I felt offended by the amount of disgust in her eyes to the said drink. When we finally left, this bloke, Philip, approached Maggie and I. He started talking about how he can’t get drunk at all because there’s a cell of leukaemia left in him that eats up all the alcohol. “Man, it sucks dick, like when you can’t get drunk. Last week, all of my mates got busted! It was ME who had to take care of them. Two in my arms, two on my shoulders. Fucking sucks!”

When the bus arrived, the 200 of us (including some Londoners who weren’t our group) got in. Their group was full of aggressive boys who kept singing and shouting. William, half-dead by now, started to shout “Manchester!” all of a sudden. This guy whose butt I had just seen (don’t ask) came into his face and said, “Mate. Don’t. You finna get beat up by even bigger morons than I am.” William shut up, as we continued our bumpy, agony-filled ride to the hotel.

When we got to the hotel (4 am) , I texted Mum, wiped my makeup off with some wet wipes, had a few pieces of chocolate (I hadn’t eaten in 8 hours) and got into bed. Maggie and I talked about our class, and about how Violet, Monica and William are fucking assholes.

I woke up with incredible pain in my stomach, and possibly a high fever. My throat was sore, and my feet were aching from having worn and danced in Doc Marten’s. I packed my things, showered, did my makeup, and had breakfast. We visited the zoo which was a bit of a disappointing visit. Then we finally headed home. On the way I had
coffee that in normal circumstances would barely pass under coffee, but it was the best coffee I had on the trip.

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