Allow Me ..

Allow me two cups of sanity,

Layered in dust,

A touch of clarity and a pinch of lust.


Allow me the presence of you,

In fine imprints,

Brightened hues with apricot tint.


Allow me just one more day,

To bask in the scent,

The light of the day, before there was dent.  


Allow me one more regret,

Cloaked as fortitude,

All my deeds, my debts, the immoralities of a shrewd.


Allow me to dance before the sunrise,

Bathed in the glory of nihility,

Allow me.. to allow myself,

The desolation of the mind,

The vice of hypocrisy,

The falsehoods of the mouth,

… And the corruption of existence.


For that is the only way I know how to live.


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