It seems that lately, everyone and their dogs have been proactive in firing shots at each other. We have girls who’re going through puberty sending death threats to an opposing fandom for not worshiping their preferred artists’. We also have boys that slut-shame the hell out of women for wearing too little clothes and prude-pointing those who cover too much. Oh and not to mention our personal favourite, the holier-than-thou(s). My my, a day on twitter wouldn’t be as exhilarating without these folks around, dragging their grubby, bacteria-infested fingers across the keyboard in the sanctity of their own homes with a sacred mission to ‘eradicate’ evil. And oh, don’t even get me started with internet trolls. Now these are all stories for another day.


            Instead.. Why don’t we talk about the clash of the BGMCs, as I call them. B here stands for Baby boomers, G for Generation X, M for Millennials and lastly, C for Centennials. My grandpa (and probably yours too, I don’t discriminate) is adamant that millennials/centennials depend way too much on technology, develop way too many meaningless relationships and never take things seriously. It’s probably all those memes we’ve been spreading online, isn’t it? I’ve had my suspicions, but okay. Apparently, we “don’t have to work that hard to be able to get good grades, successful careers and worldly materials”. Whatever we need, we can order and anticipate a parcel guy in front of the door the next day with a smile so fake that it rivals Trump’s orange spray tan. A majority of them tell me (more like yell into my ears, but anyways) that we have it good when it comes to academic achievements or institution admissions because with one complaint from parents, the authorities immediately grant easy access to anything we want. The funny thing is… if the parents (A part of the Gen X might I remind you) are the ones complaining, why’s the blame shifted to the MCs?


            Let’s not forget how sinful millenials are for being able to own 200$ mobile phones at the age of 15 while 22 year old baby boomers could afford their own houses at the time. Tsk tsk tsk. What a shame. Lol, I was just joking around. I’m not here to retaliate and re-shift the blame to the adults, but let’s just agree on one thing. Every generation is messed up in one way or another but has its own plus points if you try to scrutinize hard enough.


            … Well I did try to scrutinize hard enough and I can tell you that millenials/centennials scored pretty high. It’s the memes I tell you. Two hundred years from now, scientists from the future are going to hang them up on museum walls without context and wonder what we were trying to accomplish by editing a sombrero on Joe Biden’s head with “Hey Macarena” written underneath in comic sans font.    


            Let’s just all agree that human beings as a whole are destructive creatures and that we don’t deserve dogs. Pure, smol, did-nothing-wrong and deserved-better canine species.  



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