Day 23 – 30 Days of Kindness

Some days there’s not a lot to say.  Must mean not a lot happened. Also must mean nothing bad happened. Which is a good thing.  It also means Sunday was a good day. A calm relaxing day. 

Remember when they weren’t?  I do.  I remember not very long ago when Sundays brought angst, emotion and worry. I had a friend who also didn’t like Sundays, we agreed it was a gross yucky day….so we would drink to dull the thoughts and inevitable Sunday blues. 

But I don’t drink anymore, I don’t have angst and I don’t fear the Sunday blues.  My life is better, calm and focused.

I had an amazing yoga practice today, spent time with my little Jadey and caught up on my recipe boards and FB posts.

Those are the highlights!  And that makes me damned happy. 😊💖

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