Day 423 – Server events

Sunday, April 23rd 2017

Today was fun.

I stayed home from church and read the Bible instead. I really like the weed parable; I understood it immediately and I really like the metaphor of growing together then comes the harvest.

I participated in a lot of server events that were meant for Easter. There was an egg hunt, a pvp event, hide and seek and a raffle. I got quite a few items from it, and I almost got 125 eggs, but missed one before the time ran out. Oh well, still got some good prices in exchange. One of the players also helped me find a contemporary issue relating to Lord of The Flies, haha. She said leadership and abuse of power, which I thought was perfect. Gonna get that A+ now!

I responded to PrettyInBlack’s email and finally got the Christmas games from Megg. WindSailor sent me a psychology question through email, which I plan on answering soon. Really glad they’re coming to me for questions, even though I’m just a student, haha.

That’s all for today.


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