World War 1 Project 2A

Dear Journal,

I do not know where I am. I am still with my brother, Shoe #4622, he is young and scared, but so am I. We were taken from our previous owner. He was a good owner, he took great care of us. When we were really wet from the trench water he would give us time to dry. He also tried not to damage us. I heard horror stories from other shoes about Trench Foot. I still have nightmares. I am sad he is gone, I think he is dead. It began with a fight between us and the German owners and their shoes. My owner was very scared, I could tell because his feet were sweating. He tried to run away, but there was a loud bang and he toppled over. The loud noises went on for a while until it gradually stopped. The German owners and their shoes gathered all the fallen British soldiers and their frightened shoes and placed them beside each other. Afterwards, they started taking us shoes! They even took some of my friends the cigarettes! I do hope I see my cigarette friends wherever we are going. I am going to miss Marlboro and Camel, they always knew how to light up a room. There are mostly German shoes here, but I have seen shoes from all over the world. Most of my friends are here as well. Some are not, they were too hurt and the German owners decided not to take them. A German owner chose my brother and I. I cannot tell the difference in German feet and British feet. At least I have Shoe #4622. He is not much help, all he does is complain because apparently the German’s left foot smells. I don’t smell anything, but I am the right foot shoe. I hope my new owner takes good care of us like our previous owner.

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