I, A White Pencil


The world was drenched in hues

Of red, gold, shades that make you stutter

But why was I a white-leaded pencil?

How do I apt to that white piece of paper?


Then I told myself

“Hey.. it’s okay. You don’t need anyone”

And so I did it,

I pushed everyone

Away from me, I’m away from scrutiny


Fuck everyone right?

That’s what I repeat over and over

But I’m sitting here void of light

As my heart beats slower and slower


I drowned in intoxicants

I fought fire with fire

But instead of numbness

I’m not any less sober


And that was the story of how I jumped the colours


I tried to be pink, but ended up green

Then I jumped a shade darker, was then a black marker

Welp. At least I could be seen

Isn’t that what matters?


But it all popped in vain

Even after multiple tints

What‘s left is me squirming in pain

And all that..

All that for a piece of white fucking paper print


But then you came..

Extended hands made me wonder “Why?”

And the next that came out put me to shame

“Meh, I like black papers more anyway”




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