I’m your best friend

my feelings for you are confusing 

they are painful

they are deep 

I love u 

I deeply care about u

I have dreams of you

makeout sessions and sex with u 

passion, you looking at me the way u look at the object of your desire, I’m not having to hold back

we cuddle and watch tv, you kiss me 

you look at me, I melt

I want this, but do you?

I’m scared, and I feel like I’m dying

you know me but you don’t see me 

you love me but you don’t seem to want me the way I want you to

 I’m right in front of you 

we talk every day  You open up to me, I open up to you

I want things to stay the same, Just pour gasoline and start a Fire

more than Friends but not dating

this conversation I don’t know how to go near to 

do you love me? what the fuck am I to you?


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