The Touch I Crave

May I wipe your tears?

With this hand,

Obliterate your fears,

With the stance,

That unlike others, I am here to stay.

No, I am not here to play.


Like a fool..

I watched the light,

Slowly die,

From inside your eyes.

I watched the wind,

Slowly glide,

It captured your skin,

Where all my tears dried.

I watched the hurt,

Manifest in your heart,

And as it lurked,

The burn had start.


The memories of you,

Drive me crazy,

The skies were blue,

Yet your faith was hazy

I miss you so much

That I wallow in hatred

For losing that one touch

The touch that kept me sated


It tortures me whole..

To see you afroze,

Lying in serenity,

But inside it knows.

Can’t I lie next to you?

Even if I could only feel

Empty wind, empty hue,

Your breath that has stilled.  


I’ll hold your hand,

Embrace your flaws,

I’ll make you stand,

And sharpen your claws.


As long as you open your eyes,

We can make it work,

I’m desperate, I’m tired,

To forget your quirks.

For the heavens know,

I’ve ruined us both.




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