Venting session.

By theory, I ought to be at the height of happiness. I’ve graduated my college courses coming out with a 3.5 GPA. It should be mentioned that I took my fiance’s advice on the specific subject, ‘medical insurance billing and coding.’ I have utterly no desire on this subject, nor did the courses peak any interest thereto. 

My passions are in art, poetry, writing, music and psychology. I’m not an office sort nor am I into auditing or other elements contained in the essence of the aforementioned program. Now that I am in a job search, I’ve applied for such positions related to my area of the degree yet all of them ask for at least 1 years experience. Of course … I think, nothing is ever working out as of late.

So, red flags are of many. The fiance has gone out his way to call me stupid, recite that blondes are dumb, and has conducted other activities to suggest that I am, well, stupid.

My thoughts: I left a narcissist who obliterated my self worth and I have since attained my strength so he’s essentially pushing me out the door and in my opinion, doesn’t seem to care. 

I am one very hurt and frustrated individual who will act upon my observations.

End vent.

One thought on “Venting session.”

  1. You words very right, when I`m reading you, I understand some problems and remember my own situations, which such looks like you! Be strong, you right!

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