257.2 – Same

I moved around a lot yesterday. I took a four-mile walk with Dad, which included hills, and then when I came home I jumped right into Konmari-ing my clothing. After a little while, my reluctant husband agreed to pick out clothing to donate or trash that was either still good but no longer fit, or was no longer functional due to wear/use. We ended up throwing away five 13-gallon trash bags’ worth of clothing/shoes that was just no longer functional, clothing/shoes we’ve held onto for years. We set aside another 7 trash bags to donate, and what was left of all of our clothing made me sigh with happiness at the end of the day. Our bureau drawers are no longer bursting, and we can actually open our master bedroom’s closet door.

I was working on that from about 9:30 AM until 5:30 PM. Not sore this morning, but I had an awesome night’s sleep. Today I will start in my books after work: I’m actually pretty excited to start this, LOL

B: Eggs and butter, warrior coffee
L: Pork tenderloin + bitchin’ sauce
D: Pizza bowls

Have an awesome on-plan day, all

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