College life

So, Im here in my new city for a little more than one week, and im loving ittt!!!! 

I was sosososo scared of moving to a different city, only knowing a few people. I was afraid of leaving my parents, of meeting new people… and guess what!!! College has been amaizing! 

Of course I miss my family (and my dog) so freaking much, but thats okay because they call me everyday and I talk to them all day long, and one weekend or another Im going back to my city to see everybody. 

Im so happy that Im enjoying it! Of course there are times when I wanna go back to my home, but after 10 seconds I start to enjoy it again haha. I think its super normal to miss my family, but ive already made some good friends and im think im gonna have fun here 🙂 well, tomorrow i will have my first real class, because last week were only games and stuff! I hope everything goes well… See yaa

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