Snakes everywhere 🐍

Was having a decent day at work today, until I had a conversation with my boss. Without going into too much detail, there was a situation at work in which I was totally out my depth and overwhelmed, I did the best I could in the circumstances and got advice from my senior consultant. However I made some mistakes which I take total responsibility for and will learn from. However, lots of others were also involved and they are taking no responsibility , and one of them even told a bare faced lie about me. This really hurts. Thank God I documented everything so thoroughly, I have nothing to hide, but I find it terrible that a fellow nurse could feel the need to tell an outright lie just to cover their own self! Feeling really disillusioned with the whole profession right now. I love my job and I always go above and beyond for my patients, however it seems the more you do and the harder you work, the more you get shit on from a great height😕

 I just have to have faith that the dishonest and snakey people involved will get their commupence one day. I have to admit some times I could just hand in my notice and do something totally unrelated to nursing. I couldn’t stop crying after today too, which was embarrassing , mainly tears of frustration! I’m not in trouble but I am so conscientious that making any kind of error is a big deal for me, so to have people tell lies about me makes it so much worse.

anyway, I’m home now and browsing through journals to cheer me up. I also am cuddled up in bed with my lovely wee girl so things could be a lot worse.


2 thoughts on “Snakes everywhere 🐍”

  1. Dear Pink, you are going to be a wonderful nurse, and that is a WONDERFUL profession!
    Good for you for not letting this get you down. Keep the faith!

  2. Thank you so much for your kind comment, I went into work today and just did the best I could for my patients and tried to forget about yesterday. Thank you again x

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