Monday morning musings

I have to finally talk about this because I simply don’t understand some people. You, me, all of us are truly unique in character which means we all do things differently. Some of us are clumsy, sure. Some of us maybe have our head in the clouds, some of us are even opinionated but that’s okay. Take me for example, I have always been a dreamer. I have always held on tightly to the idea that I can reach my dreams just as long as I don’t give up. If I go to a park, I am not afraid to play and enjoy myself. Of course I as well know that there is a time for play and a time for seriousness. Being an adult, to me, doesn’t mean kill the inner child, but to know when it’s time to put the serious hat on.

What I don’t understand is the judgments of others. Perhaps you read my post yesterday where I explain how my fiance calls me stupid. It bothers me and then it doesn’t because I know better that I am not and wonder why he likes to be insulting. I mean, what’s he gaining from it? 

We are surrounded by all types of people who come in many forms but that doesn’t mean we have the right to judge them. If you don’t like the way someone is doing something then that is your problem and you ought to keep it to yourself. If somebody is wrong about something, be an adult and kindly explain where and how ‘educate, don’t berate’ because they probably don’t realize they’re incorrect. 

A great example would be yesterday when I was having an innocent conversation with my daughter. She asked me if Jesus and God were the same person and I answered ‘yes’ but before I could go into the reason behind my answer, the fiance jumped on me and stated that he was right God isn’t Jesus that I am brainwashed. The guy didn’t even let me finish explaining to my daughter that Jesus is God’s son which makes him an extension of God and how we’re god’s children. I stared at him in a silent shock at this foolish outburst and politely ignored him. 

Long story short, I want you to learn from me. Nobody has the right to judge you and if they do it vocally? Say out loud ‘that’s your problem’ and leave it at that. There really isn’t anything you can do about it when someone treats you unfairly, but you can wonder what is wrong with them and why are they so determined to dampen your light. Once you realize that as their goal, quietly step away without explanation and let them sort it out themselves as to why you left without explaining. 

You owe nobody nothing, not even an explanation. Be positive, and network with positive and let the negative ones burn out their own lights. 

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  1. Butterfly, I am so glad your daughter is asking questions about Jesus. Yes, used every chance you get, especially when she brings it up, to answer her wisely. I like your journal entry very much. It encourages me to keep my light shining. Thank you.

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