My Recurring Dream

I have had the same dream every night for the last 4 days…I am  in an empty room with only a single wooden chair, its dark, except for the big picture window in front of that chair. The light from that window is very bright, but it never seems to lighten up the pitch black room, I can see the faint outline to a door behind the chair but that’s all. I walk to the chair and sit down, out of the picture window I see the most beautiful scenery. Big, bright green pine trees, and a vast open field of grass and wildflowers. I can see wonderful peaks of a mountains in the distance, and the bluest sky with a cloud in sight. The one thing that draws my attention though, is the group of people sitting down to start enjoying a pinic…it all very cliché. The wicker basket, the white and red checked sheet, and the happy smiling family. The only thing is that its my happy and smiling family. They seem to be having the greatest time…I though sit on my hard wooden chair, and feel nothing but loneliness. As soon as I decide I want to get up and get their attention, the black leather straps spring out of the arms, and legs and wrap up tightly to that chair. As I scream, the window seems to get farther away, just at the light becomes a pinprick, I jerk awake.

One thought on “My Recurring Dream”

  1. Very strange dream. Do you feel left out of your family? The beautiful light and scenery faded out on you. Has something disappointed you lately? I hope the dream will cease, and I wish you a good nights sleep with good dreams! God bless you.

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