Honestly, I just made this so that I could fill my me-time bar without making my friends think I’m more self-absorbed than they already know I am.  

My friends, by the way, are completely awesome people that would possibly make fun of me for writing this if they found out, hence the anonymity. 

But hey, maybe I’ll like it. I’m definitely open to trying it out. The few other entries I read before deciding to create an account didn’t seem like eleven-year-old girls who hadn’t yet learned to differentiate between ‘to’, too’,  and ‘two’ were writing them, but maybe I spoke too soon. I guess we’ll find out.  Shout out to multi-line sentences, expect many of those here. 

I’m significantly better at writing down my thoughts as opposed to trying to vocalize them.  You’ll probably see here that I’m actually not very good at writing them down either, so just imagine how incompetent I am face-to-face.  I’m blaming technology for that, because why take responsibility for my own issues when I could blame something else?

Well, that’s my unrevised introduction thing.  Enjoy. Plot-twist coming up, so stay tuned.  Just kidding, it’s just, intros are usually vague, you know? You  don’t know enough yet to have any idea what’s going on. I mean, maybe you do, I’m just saying that I probably wouldn’t if I were in your shoes. 

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  1. Welcome! I think anonymity may be the word you’re looking for. Anyhow, we’re glad you’re here! Look forward to hearing more from you.

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