questions that keep reappearing in my mind as I remember.  my grandfather always told me to, “stay with a person because you would want them to stay with you” against any and all odds. I’m lost… I don’t know what to do. I have become so desperate to stop hurting. I wonder… if years from now I will still feel the heavy absence of her that creeps in my heart, every passing moment. I wonder if I will ever stop reaching for her in the dark, hoping that someday she will turn her head… and kiss me.

2 thoughts on “Overthinking”

  1. Danny , I hear your pain and I know it is deeply real. I believe God has a good future planned for you. Time may pass. But good times are on the way. It will get better. God bless you.

  2. It will lessen. It will not go away completely. I’m speaking as someone that knows that pain well. I live it every day. That one heartbreak that seems to steal your soul from you. I still want it, but logic has begun to win over and tell me that it won’t be there. It will hurt. It does for me. It just is less than it was. Just like any loss, it will always be there but not always at the front of your mind.

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