Sunday, April 23rd, 2017, Home at my desk

 Today I was supposed to go foraging with Chelsea early in the morning. I woke up before my alarm and saw that she texted saying that she had been up since 3 and couldn’t sleep and could we touch base later. I said no prob and actually fell back to sleep myself and slept until 9:15. Big surprise but I must have needed it.  I was really annoyed that the new matcha I bought isn’t loose powder; it’s in tea bags. Damn it.  

I went to Target to get the same GF cake that Uncle Bud had taken to my parents for easter but they didn’t have it.  I got some mini cheesecakes and a ball for Gus and then went to the bike shop for Sarah & Gus’ b-day party.  Chelsea was there, Harry was there.  It was fun.  I stayed for about an hour and then I went to visit Elisabeth at the handmade Omaha sale.  I stay for about a half hour. Stopped home for clothes, stopped at Natural Therapy for my hammock basket, and then I went to Jake’s to meet up with Mall and the crew for rehearsal. Realized that I am going to Mexico City the weekend of the show. Fuck.  Fucked that up royally.  I may try to change my ticket. I felt like I needed exercise in a major way and I have been wanting to check out the MOPAC trail.  So I drove to Springfield and ran 6.2 miles.  At home now, Kate might come over to watch Trainspotting or Say Anything since I’ve never seen either.  

Weather beautiful today. I miss my sisters so much right now. :'(

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