Dear journal,

It is January 1, 1915. Just a while ago, we invaded the Russians. During the invasion, I got a hole in my shoulder. I could tell my owner was nervous because I could feel his heart racing really fast. My owner captured a lot of our enemies. We are now on the way home and we just stopped to take a break. All of our captives are sitting together on the ground. They are all huddled up because it is so cold outside. My owner had to button me up. His gun is on his back and the strap goes across the front of me. Some of the Russians look nervous and then some of the others look intimidating. They complain about their hunger. They are starting to become weak from malnutrition. In my opinion, they should just be thankful they are not the ones who have to ride on the warm wagons. I heard my owners and the other Germans talking about how more and more countries are joining the war. It has become a global conflict. The Russians have these furry hats on and it looks really warm. I can tell my owner is starting to get tired. I am hoping that this war will be over soon and that my hole will get repaired.

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