April 25, 2017

Days has passed and I am still at home wasting time doing things that are not actually productive or helping me earn money. However, I can’t start looking for a job yet because I need to go two times in the following months to the United States to do my tests in order for me to have the opportunity to enter the Master of Accounting program. I will be going next week to Orlando Florida to do one of the tests and enjoy the weekend there as well with my significant other. It is going to be fun and amazing. Finally us two alone together on a trip in another country. 

I decided to do a little research and see how I can use my time and talents to earn some money while I am currently at home. I came with the idea to take beautiful pictures by keeping in mind of the demand and sell them on photo stock websites. I have an expensive and good quality camera which has not been used for months. Furthermore, my significant other and I both are learning how to work with Photoshop so why not use what we have and know to earn something out of it. We already have some amazing pictures which I will be uploading on the websites soon. 

We plan to open our own businesses in the future and be financially independent. It is hard to obtain a great job and we can’t keep on sacrificing by doing a job that we don’t like for the rest of our lives just to keep that comfortable life. I did not learn all about business management just to work for someone else’s business and help them earn money. Everything I did and I am going to do is to obtain the tools and knowledge I need to run my own businesses in the future. I want to live a life full of risks and adventures. I want that exciting kind of life. 

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