At least we have staff

I seriously need some super awesome gadget that can either stop or slow down time. I am far too over scheduled this week. Ugh. My house is trashed, it has been raining for 3 days straight, and I am swamped at work.

As far as work goes, Big Boss hired some new people. This is a big, huge ass blessing since most of us are burned out and tired from the always changing, crazy schedule. I have trained 2 new cooks this week. One I have my doubts about. Good cook or not, she does not communicate and that is an essential skill in the kitchen as we have to do a dance that revolves around proper coordination and timing. She’s slow to learn the menu as well. You want to be a decent cook? Learn the damn menu and learn it quick!!! She may find her voice so I’m willing to admit my hunch could be wrong… but she doesn’t seem to have that kitchen hussle mentality. She’ll most likely be sentenced to the salad station if her pace does not pick up. The other newbie seems eager and has good attention to detail. He shows decent promise. If he sticks we can definitely use him.

Snooch has a concert tomorrow. She is still bummed out that she did not get a solo this time, but to be honest a little humility is character building. Her mood still isn’t what I would call stabilized.

We have an upcoming appointment with her psychiatrist. I have no clue as to how that is going to go. I’ll have to tell the doctor that I have witnessed two episodes, she was given inpatient services again, and back on the full dosage of Risperdal. If her depression isn’t managed than surely taking away the antipsychotic medication will exacerbate the worse symptoms of her type of depression. 

For those reading who do not fully understand what Major Depressive Disorder is, I’ll try to sum it up. It is a mood disorder. It is similar to bipolar disorder (a manic stage and a depressive stage), but when some one with major depressive disorder goes to one end of the spectrum they have hallucinations. While it sounds similar to schizophrenia it is not the same thing. A person with MDD will not experience symptoms when their depression is managed.

To my very core Snooch’s disorder breaks me. It is hard to know the proper way to help and support her. It isn’t like I have tons of experience with this. I don’t. What I do know is that it is highly likely my grandfather had this mood disorder, but was mistakenly diagnosed with Schizophrenia. He was unable to cope and he killed himself. I do not want my child to follow in his foot steps. I have so much riding on how we handle this. Some days I know I should quit my job and focus on solely Snooch, Bobo, and Hoshi Akari. I can’t though. We have college bills looming in the future. We all love our life style and no one wants to give it up.

Eyelids starting to droop. GNJ.

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