How can someone love like that?

 (Romantic Love) 

With the current me, I can never understand how someone can love another so much so that they are willing to go through anything just for that love. I do like love/romantic songs but when I heard those, most of them are male singers and they sound so miserable, being left by the girlfriends, and cannot move on, still searching and admiring that girl even after being dumped or just hoping to be noticed by some girl, or wanting someone else’s girl and willing to wait for her. I can’t help but think “What the heck is wrong with these males?” and pray that none of my friends or males around me are like these types of men. They sound so desperate. Come on, guys. There are so much more in this life than one girl and if you try to look around while living your life, I’m sure there must be some other girls. But don’t be so focus on that girl that you lose sight of other things in life. Remember, keeping good balance between everything in our life is important as well as knowing when to prioritize one thing from another. Hope all of us will experience the love that guides us rather than love that makes us lost. And be grateful that we are able to love. 

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  1. It’s exactly because there’s reality that I want to have a dream. It helps to live this reality, giving the push we need, ‘live your life, and do your best’ , you have a dream you want to realize. Well, something like that.

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