I am bisexual.


I have been watching coming out videos and wow I am scared. I wish everyone was accepting about people liking the same sex, mostly I would like my parents to accept it. I am growing up in a very religious family although my sister knows she’s not such a bitch about it and I’m sorry to use that language but if everyone was accepting about it I wouldn’t. We are told that we will go to hell and that it’s just a phase you shouldn’t even be that worried about our lives even if it’s really “true” we can’t change the fact that we are gay. I talked to my priest and asked him why would God make us if he knows are future and knew we would be gay he told me the following “gay people turn gay they turn gay when something in their lives triggers them like rape” yet I know I haven’t gotten raped and nothing has made me just turn gay. I grew up liking girls and boys I am mostly attracted to girls. It doesn’t make sense I know other gay people that didnt just turn gay because of that its so idiotic to me. I hope our society changes.

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