I Am Flawed

it is the kind of end that makes you forget who you are, why you are here, what you want and even where you are going. one of those ends that makes you forget to eat, forget to move, forget to exist. left with an empty, aching chest that is heaving struggling for the next breath of air. 

I know I should stop being so hard on myself and magnifying every single little flaw. I should stop expecting myself to be perfect just so I can feel like I was good enough, more deserving of you. I know that I will always be a work in progress. I will never be ‘perfect’, but I know I should be enough for the one who truly cares. because… if you love someone, you just… love them… at least that is what I always thought.

One thought on “I Am Flawed”

  1. I’m sorry your heart is broken, Danny. I will pray for healing for you, and a new life.

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