My Nannie

So my poor nanny had another fall today and is back in hospital, they think she might have had a stroke and so she is nil by mouth at the moment. I managed to visit on my lunch break ( I work upstairs from the ward she is in) and also when I finished, she is speaking but slurred and she grabbed my hand and held it tight, which is so unlike her (she is not a very openly emotional/cuddly person). She just looks so small and vulnerable in that bed. She stopped enjoying life a long time ago due to mental health issues but I have lovely memories of things she would do with me when she was well, crafts, knitting, games, baking. 

2 thoughts on “My Nannie”

  1. Is that your grandmother? I know it means a lot to her for you to visit. She remembers those good times, too. It’s good that she holds your hand. That comforts her. God bless you both.

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