Monday work from home!

Good call on working from home today. Had a great day catching up with lots of projects that I haven’t get a chance to look into it and spent time to get them done. Damn, people charge a lot for the WordPress theme. Got very surprised by the quote I got lol. Worked from Starbucks next door and home. Also spent all my free time coding on side project as usual. I don’t even know what I did for past couple months just spent all my free time on my side project. Well the good thing is it’s going. So close to show this to people and get feedback. Also have a lot more to work on lol I can tell it will never end especially this project cause I’m doing pretty much all of them for the very first time. All new technologies need different way to design UIs too. Very interesting and learning so much than I can’t even handle lol. 10:38 PM now and it’s so early compare to other days. I usually stay up till 2 AM to move forward with the project. Today, I got what I wanted to finish so I can go to bed early.

Anyways, so nice to have an option for work from home and it’s working out great for me 🙂 Hope you all have a great Monday! Goodnight all!

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