Feeling irritated right now. I am doing exactly  what the old lady in the nursing home said NOT to do. To live a life full of regret, and looking back on things that i did not do and it’s killing me.  At the time I guess i felt the things i was refraining from felt right, but now i am not so sure. 

I spent most of my 20’s recovering from car accidents and it passed by so fast. Kids, you do not have all the time in the world so make everyday count! Take it from someone who has personal experience. 

It’s like everyone is married, pregnant, getting promoted… and i have been stuck in the same fucking place for the last 12 years. Don’t get me wrong I have tried… and now the man that I should be with is most likely married and I am spinster status.. I know I can find a way to change this all but, I just feel so alone in all of this. The Beatles said it best… Where do all the lonely people come from?? 

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