I really didn’t understand it.  Still don’t.  How could someone like him want to talk with someone like me? 

He is the sun. The brightness brought into my life by him is blinding.  He radiates warmth and light, he blazes. He is above caring about what other people think, only caring for God.  I desperately want that view on life, it’s something I’ve strived for since I met him.  

 After our group rehearsal and during breaks, we’d sit down on the curb and talk.  I noticed something in him that is not very prevalent in kids my age anymore.  He’d ask me questions and my opinions, actually wanting to hear the answers.  When his phone would inevitably go off, he’d just ignore it, silence it through his pocket, not even thinking about pulling it out to check it.  Still to this day, I’ve never actually seen him on his phone, which somehow amazes me.  He saw the value in a real, genuine conversation that made me feel appreciated.  He kept eye contact, something that at first made me uncomfortable, but something that I grew to love.  All of his questions were focused on me, making me feel valued.  In return, I’d ask him about himself.  The thought he put into what he said, the emotion and expression he had was captivating.  I’d see him every other night thanks to school events, but when the season ended, communication stopped.  

We went to different schools, so I honestly thought this would be the end for a while. He was talented, really talented, and he knew what he was talking about.  We had made tentative plans to meet up to work on some duets, but in all reality, I didn’t expect that he wanted to.  After all, he was good enough to be my teacher.  I’d brought this up to him at one point and he had said he’d love the opportunity to teach someone as talented as me.  I didn’t take him seriously until later he texted me, restating that he would really be interested in helping me out if I was up for it.  I thought about it, and then decided to go for it.  He had more experience than me, and I knew I’d learn from him.  We set our first lesson for after Christmas break, even though at this time it was late October.  Then the time flew by.

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