You always alone and that okay

I was raised to believe that i was a waist of time. you might find it funny so do i but yeah i live with a mom who got beaten for the most absurd thing she never loved me even if she said she did a mother that loves her kids does not limitated herself into how much she could fight a mother should never let nobody take their first children like is not worth anything. but see i dont blame my mother for not fighting for me i never look like i was her child. My father don’t think i know how he suffers and how ,much pain he hold inside but he has all the ghost following him because he did wrong so that everything haunt him as he looks at me because he denied the fact i was his Daughter but did i feel bad yes i felt like shit how can a man like this be do bad and have such a good heart towards me, because he feels guilty so hes sorry so am i for not telling you how i had a relationship n which i was almost killed and rape but was able to escape with only a couple of scratches im also sorry for locking my self in a dark room just to ignored the fact that i no longer appreciated anybody’s company im sorry i disappointed you with my grades im sorry that i lied about going to school sometimes im sorry about saying that ill get marry some day i dont want to anymore is not worth anything anymore im sorry about saying i was ok and that i didn’t try to drown my self that i just felt to sleep, im sorry that i wish i was a sleep forever im sory father

One thought on “You always alone and that okay”

  1. Hi dear, you’re obviously not okay.
    I have no idea what you’re going through and how things are going to go for you, but I can just pray for you and may someday you find something to hold on to.

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