Why The 13 Reasons Why Netflix Series Is Iconic


May contain a lot of spoilers for those who haven’t watched it.

Everything written here is of my personal opinions and stance regarding the book & show.  

Reasons may be irrational and driven by emotions, but fear not. I do not bite. Unless you ask me to.

Ok.. So

Reason #1

If I asked you about some of the successful books turned into movies/tv shows, you’d probably state the obvious and mention books like Harry Potter and Lord of The Rings and I can’t even blame you, because really.. Not many of them turn out great once they make it to the screens. The messages are unclear, the characters aren’t polished, a lot of things are messed up. But not this one. Oh no. I remember a month ago, a friend told me that they turned 13RW into a Netflix series and I was not the least bit excited. “It’s gonna be a disaster” I told her, again and again. “Remember when they thought making a live action Shingeki no Kyojin was a good idea? Yea, not so much of a good idea anymore isn’t it?” I delayed watching it for a while because I didn’t want my most cherished 2011 memory of one of the best books I’ve ever read die just like that because of horrible acting and shitty effects. But I’m glad I pushed through. Because if the book got you into a wailing mess, slobbering all over what was supposed to be crisp pages.. The Netflix series is gonna get your popcorn salty and soggy all over from all the snot that’s going to drip into the bowl. They did it right. I can guarantee you that.

Reason #2

If you’re a fan of Tony and thought that he was cool in the books.. Well you’re probably gonna think Tony in the series is the squishiest ball of smol fluff to have ever existed. That probably made no sense, but I’m sure you get what I mean. At first, you’re probably gonna be like.. “The hell? Why’s he following him around like a creep?”, but by the end.. Knowing why he did what he did, following Clay around not to threaten him, but to make sure he doesn’t discover Jensen’s body dead cold somewhere like he did Hannah, yea. Welcome to the feels trip. I died. Dieded. Dead.

Did I mention the fact that he’s gay and in a happy relationship with another cute guy? 

Well he is. 

Reason #3

Okay. Let’s all just sit down and talk about Jeff Deserved-nothing-but-the-best Atkins. I read the book. More than 5 times, really. But a Jeff fluffy Atkins wasn’t in it. In fact, in the book, the one who got into an accident was only mentioned as a nameless boy. So why are they doing this to me? Why did they cast an extremely good-looking boy, have him play the fluffy gentlemanly jock who just wanted to help poor ol’ antisocial Clay Jensen get the girl of his dreams? Why did they think that that was a good decision? I just don’t understand. What? Well it WAS actually. Until they thought that it’d be a good idea to make him die in a car accident, in which his death was proclaimed to be drunk driving just because they found beer cans littered at the passenger side. I’m sorry but although I’ve only known Jeff Atkins for a few episode, I know for a fact that he would’t even hurt a potato. AND THIS IS CRUCIAL BECAUSE POTATOES CAN’T EVEN FEEL PAIN. But I can. I FELT THE PAIN OF HIS DEATH, IT’S NOT GOOD FOR MY HEALTH I SWEAR TO GOD. Say it with me, people.


Reason #4

If you’ve ever been bullied, was a bully, or is simply the school’s wallflower who watched everything unfold in silence.. Then you can definitely relate. Which means everyone can, because at some point in school.. You are one of the three mentioned. The book as well as Tv show spells out in Caps Lock on why the education system is f**ked up and how school’s social food chain works like. For those who hadn’t noticed it before.. Well now you know. And for those who already know and are too afraid to speak up.. It serves as a reminder that you are not alone and that a lot people are aware of horrible society can be. It’s just that no one knows how you can bring forth a change.. or at least no one cares enough to learn how to.    

#Reason 5 

Because education, that’s why. There’s a stigma on mental illnesses amongst our society. We are taught that depressed people crave for attention, anorexics are obsessed with being skinny, schizophrenics are simply crazy and that the deterioration of mental health as a whole is something that people choose to have. Well it’s not. Hannah Baker takes you on a roller coaster ride. Her emotions, her confusion, her frustration, her problems.. Everything is just so profound. Because the way her character is portrayed is just too real, that if you’ve been in that situation, you’d be able to relate and if you haven’t, you’d finally be able to understand what it’s like. (Although not completely.)

Reason #6

Clay Jensen. Not to be mean, but really.. Where do you find a person who cares enough like Clay does? He cares even after Hannah’s dead and lying six feet in the ground. And you know what? He tells himself and others that he didn’t care enough. That’s why Hannah died. “I cost a girl her life because I was afraid to love her”


How does one even Clay Jensen? But of course like Mr. Porter said..

“You can’t love someone back to life”  

//Cue me being deceased

Reason #7

Although Hannah addressed the 13 reasons why she killed herself and it involved her school mates and teacher.. You’ll find yourself unable to completely blame them. You empathise with their characters instead. Because in life, everyone gets hurt. The ones who hurt others have probably been hurt by their loved ones before. The ones who hurt others probably never meant for things to get too far. The ones who hurt others might just wanted to be accepted by the people around them. And although that still doesn’t justify inflicting mental or physical pain to others, it’s still too real. It happens in reality. We’re all humans. And we’re all desperate to be accepted by society at one point in life if not for the rest of it. The important thing is that we learn our lessons, we repent after our sins and that we try to make amends. What makes you a horrible human being is not the fact that you sinned.. It’s the fact that you sinned and not wanting to acknowledge it much less be sorry about what has been done. Which brings us to-

Reason #8  

Skinny, fat, tall, short, Asian, African American, White, whatever it is that you are.. We all agree that Bryce is a rapist bastard and that Courtney is THE bitch with a needle up her bon bons. Why? Because let me tell you something.. Tyler. Jessica. Alex. Zach. Even Justin prick Foley. They’ve done dumb things, immature and hurtful. But even they know when to stop. When to admit their mistakes.

.. Except for these 2 numb nuts. I swear to God I was about to throw some hands when Bryce said that all the girls were begging to be raped by him. Boi excuse me before I sacrifice you to the dark lord myself

And Courtney. You do know you’re defending a rapist, don’t you? You. As a woman yourself.

Dishonour on you. Dishonour on your family. Dishonour on your cow.       

I get that your parents are gay. And that they’ve been ridiculed their whole life because of it. But that does not excuse you from being hurtful to a girl who, might I add, was only trying to be your friend. You, out of all people, should be the most understanding of her situation, considering the fact that you’ve heard people throwing insults at both your dads all your life. But instead, you sacrifice a comrade because you’re ashamed of your own sexuality.

Being a homosexual in a judgmental society is tough, I understand. But it’s never worse than a mother finding her daughter bathed in her own blood in their bathroom, not knowing the reasons that led to it in the first place. It never will.    


Well I guess that’s the end of my reasons. There’s more actually, but I can’t really figure everything out at the moment so let’s just leave it at that. I’ll end up re-telling the whole story at this point, yikes.  

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  1. The series was amazing. I was doubting watching it at first and I haven’t read the book but when I saw the first episode, I could not stop watching the whole series. Your reasons are soooo true.

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