wow, much thingz, such stress,, ,

I was under the foolish impression that this week was going to be easy, but apparently it won’t be.

Tests, projects, yadayadayada. I have my physics AP test next week, which will kill me. My mortal soul is going to leave my body. Oh my god I am not remotely okay right now.

Think about dogespeak, and then apply that to the thoughts of a really stressed-out anxiety-prone seventeen-year-old junior, and you’ll understand how my internal monologue is right now.

I want to literally die? Like? Honestly? I’m dead? I have at least eight quizzes and tests to take, as well as a stupid-ass group project in programming THAT STILL ISN’T DONE BECAUSE THERE IS ONE STUPID ERROR AND I DON’T UNDERSTAND WHY IT’S THERE and it’s already late by two school days. Oh my GODDDDD.

Next week is a crazy week full of AP tests and EOC tests. The week after will be crazy, too, but slightly less so than next week.

And of COURSE to top it all off, I had to choose whether or not to join that engineering club thing as the quote unquote “”””” historian””””” TODAY because my friend R needed to know. He did assure me that I could “always bail” later on, but?? Still???? Quitting later would seem so rude??????

I am hoping my friend D will join, but she really has to think about it because she plays tennis, and it would be hard or impossible for her to come twice or even once a week during tournament season.

It seems like I’m going to be busier than everyone else next year. Most of the people I know are taking all of their AP classes this year, and chilling for a period or two next year. Sigh.

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