too many people in this world never get to experience true love. because of you, I am lucky enough to say that I have experienced true honest to god love. despite everything, you taught me what it felt like to be loved and to be wanted. you made me feel what it meant to be the center of someone’s universe; I relish in the fact that despite everything, you taught me about love, love in a world that can too often be so cold. I am trying to remind myself that especially on those lonely days where I feel unlovable… you are proof that maybe I am.
you loved me through everything; you managed to love me through my quirks, my struggles. you taught me what love is, despite being the hardest break up I have ever had to go through; you taught me how wonderful love could be. you taught me to open my heart, you taught me that people are good; you taught me that it is okay to let someone else care about me. again I thank you because some people will never experience the true feeling of love. I thank you because even it was only a fraction of my life… I felt love. and please know… the love I felt for you… isn’t something that can be erased with a bottle. a love that can’t be forgotten by the touch of another.
I always thought love could stand the test of time and nothing could hinder it from overcoming anything, everything. it is hard but it happens. no matter how many people tell me to let go and no matter how hard I may try – I cannot do it. when there is nothing or no one else, it is even harder to fathom. undoubtedly, my love for you… is endless.

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