Another day, another decision!

Here I am, again. Well, the past few days since last time have been pretty peaceful, honestly. I like being able to talk to someone close again, providing some clarity of mind, that I haven’t honestly had in months.

That being said, since the current semester of college is drawing to a close, it’s time I picked up another job, since I had quit my last one in the beginning of the month. I won’t state the name of the company, but it’s a local grocery store chain, and working there was just horrendous. That rant is for another entry, though, if I feel the need to elaborate. 

Since I’m writing this at around 1:00 in the morning, that means that today is the 26th of April. And what is so special about that day? Well, it’s my brother’s birthday. (To be clear, this is another one of my non-blood related family members. We’re just so close that we consider each other family.) Unfortunately, because I don’t have a job currently, I can’t do something crazy like take him to a theme park or something. I might shoot some pool with him, and buy him a drink, though. We’ll have to see. 

Other than that, nothing new has really happened. Just a whole lot of sleeping in, and being really hungry when I wake up. But hey, no news is good news, right?

On a side note, I’ve been getting back in to listening to scary stories and such on YouTube. They provide a little bit of a scare on an otherwise quiet night. 

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