Day 425 – Lord of The Flies, mural and WindSailor

Tuesday, April 25th 2017

Today was alright.

I started with French, which made my morning very, very boring. Luckily, psychology came along and things began to be a little more interesting, because of my teacher. Can always count on him to kick you out of boredom.

At lunch I sat with my close friends and we talked about dreams shortly, then watched the events, which was pin the puck on the target, because of the hockey playoffs going on. One of them participated and won some candy.

In English we studied Lord of The Flies. Well, I was supposed to, but I only completed a paper, then talked on the server about French with one of the owners and players, then another came along and told me they live in the same city as mine, which is awesome! I kinda want to meet him, but he’s out of school and probably lives a fair distance away. I might talk to him a bit first and we’ll see.

I ended with art and we started the mural. We basically painted the part we needed grey, as well as the door, since the woman thought we were much more efficient than the other group, despite us never painting walls before (well, I used to a little when I was younger and we would repaint my room). I had backed up and got a grey spot on my butt, but it wasn’t a big deal, since it was my factory working pants and my coat would later cover it up when I would walk home.

At home I went on the server, sold a few things on there, ate supper, studied Lord of The Flies, then went on the server again to sell some more things. I worked a tiny bit on the book. Brainstorming answers for now. I also plan on answering WindSailor’s emails. I will soon, don’t worry! I planned to tonight, but ran out of time. I will tomorrow instead, since I won’t have a test to worry about. I answered 1/3 of your email so far. Had to do a bit of research myself, since a couple were topics we didn’t discuss in class.

I’m gonna go watch Doctor Who or 13 reasons why, then go to bed. Not late this time, hopefully. Been going to bed at midnight.

That’s all for today.

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