regreti regret n

again, i regret not writing sooner, or more often. semana sant passed by. i missed emil a lot. we couldnt see each other at all. he came over the next monday, which there was no class on.


i broke a mad anount of glasses (around 5) within a week and a half. mom scolded me really bad. 


im still as madly in love with emil as ever. im planning out his birthday gift and i feel like i should work on it more often, until it all accumulates and gets worse.


CONMUN is as stressful as ever. delegates are as lazy as always, sending everything last minute. and staff is committing many untimely mistakes… stressed caused by working with incompetent people is real

yeatetday was trattoria pizzarelli, but i dont esally want to remember what happened

the papiloma humano drama happened between yesterday and today w ofelia. what a big ignorant bigot. she didnt want to vaccine little girls against an std bc its lewd? no wonder ppl all think catholics are ignorant

many good things have happened though. im grateful for it. i should get skinnier already…


very excited about college, just got my mail about careerlink today. cant wait until its summer so i can apply for jobs!


this is my last week of school (class). after this its finals and then clinica and the  pruebas nacionales.. im scared of what might happen here oneards. ill miss emil. ill have him always in my heart. i love him. with all my being

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